Dominic @ Subterranean 12/6


Looking for something fun to do Tuesday night?  Check out Dominic, the talented musician from Philly who has his fingers in a little bit of everything from punk band mewithoutYou to playing keys on Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered.  

Birthday Song” off Dominic’s forthcoming debut album Goodnight, Doggies is an irresistibly catchy song that could turn your day from bad to great!  Dominic tries to make his music overflow with positive vibes, regardless of the content.  In an interview with Frances Quinlan, Dominic said, I’m always striving to do that thing where the whole time, while I’m writing a song to producing it, I wanna be feeling joyous. Even if it’s a song about something stressful, I wanna get back to that happy feeling of creativity.”  We can certainly feel it in “Birthday Song!”

Dominic will be one of the openers for Clearance Tuesday night.  For tickets, click here.



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