Check out WEAK13 from Wolverhampton in England!  This grunge metal meets industrial punk band first formed in 2009 and has grown tremendously over the years.  Given that the music industry isn’t quite the money maker it used to be, the band spent about 3-4 years making their first album, They Live.  The band wanted to do it right and stay true to themselves, so they relied on their own money along with support from the locals to complete the project.  WEAK13’s second studio album was released in the Fall of 2015, proving that they are here to stay!

With some years of experience under their belt, WEAK13 said that certain things have become clearer to them.  In their early days, their songwriting process was complicated by the fact that they had too many ideas floating around, and trying to combine them all was fruitless.  Nowadays, they start with a message they want to communicate or a particular lyric, and they build the rest of the song around that.  The songs are more focused, and they tell a better story.  When describing the music, they poetically stated that, “guitar riffs are like different coloured crayons; you don’t need to have a rainbow to have a great picture.”

Playing live for fans has been both rewarding and reaffirming.  When you make an album that is close to your heart, you never know how or if it will resonate with fans.  For WEAK13, the fans’ response is a good gauge of how well the material connects with others.  Seeing them mouth the words throughout the show and feeling the positive energy in the venue makes all their efforts worthwhile.  WEAK13 tries to play every show as if it were the last, creating an unforgettable experience for the band and fans alike.  While it would be out of character for them to switch up the lyrics during their live shows, they occasionally extend or change a few things around when they are playing live.  For them, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Their music speaks for itself, and doesn’t need to be altered to get a reaction from fans.

For more on WEAK13, check out their website.  Their debut album They Live can be ordered from the site and delivered right to your doorstep.  Now get out and listen!


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