Chicago, meet Owleye, an alternative rock band out of Colorado.  The band was started back in 2013, but the current lineup has only been playing together for about a year and a half.  After having a couple of years to experiment and mature as musicians, the guys of Owleye feel like they are really settling into what they want the band to be.  While previous compositions were made up of a hodge podge of ideas, they are now fleshing out their ideas into complete, well thought out songs.

When playing live, the band likes to keep fans on their toes by altering the way the songs are performed.  While sometimes the changes are as simple as adding an extra word or phrase here or there, sometimes singer Tim Graham will sing parts that were originally screamed on the album.  The biggest change they tend to make is on the song “Knight to B7” in which Graham sings the entire first verse to give the song a different feel.

Owleye has enjoyed touring the US these past couple of years.  Despite the fact that we all belong to the same nation, they described how exciting it was visiting all the different cities and experiencing the cultural shifts between them.  One of their most memorable shows took place in their hometown of Denver, when friends and family of the band came out to celebrate the release of their EP.  Hearing everyone singing along with their music was both humbling and gratifying.

Extra tid bits:

  1.  If they could tour with anyone, they would want to open for Silent Planet, Chiodos, and Underoath, who gave them the initial desire to be in a band.
  2. One of the weirdest/funniest things that happened on stage was one of their friends pushed her way to the front of the crowd with a slice of pizza, holding it up for singer Tim Graham to take a bite of.  He was mid song and knew it was going to make him feeling like throwing up, but he said “fuck it,” stopped singing mid song, and took a bite of the pizza.
  3. The band doesn’t like taking too much time off.  The workaholics are at it everyday writing new songs, and thinking up new ways to push the band into new territories.  However, on the rare occasion that they do  have some down time, they are always down for some golf and frolf!

For more on Owleye, check out their website here!

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