An Electronic Evening w/The Naked and Famous


A couple of weeks ago, The Naked and Famous played a show at the Riviera Theater and blew us away with their indie electronic pop sound.  The band opened the show by performing “The Water Beneath You” straight off their newest album.  The combination of the vocals from lead singer Alisa Xayalith and the electronic sound from the band created an unforgettable experience for anyone who attended.  They played fan favorite songs that had everyone in the crowd singing along word for word with all their hearts. One favorite of mine was “Girls Like You” because the live performance, in my opinion, sounded better than the studio version, and that’s why this band amazing.  Not only was the sound great, but the light set up was visually pleasing as well.  I’m looking forward to seeing this band play again next time they stop by Chicago!  Click below for more photos.


Review and photos by Brian Fuentes

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