BAND SPOTLIGHT: Darkstone Crows


Darkstone Crows of Toronto was formed in January of 2014 by Jiv and Elle who met through a program at music school.  Although the pair had undergone a rigorous process of lineup switches in their first year, their current lineup was solidified by the end of February 2015.  The members of Darkstone Crows recorded an EP in the fall of 2015 and toured heavily through the following Fall.  After one lineup switch, they embarked on their second album in which they are trying to create a fresh new sound.  The band’s current production is a lot heavier than their earlier works, which was more simple hard rock.  They have started adding more layers to their compositions and become more melodic.

Out of all the shows they’ve played,two shows really stick out in their mind.  In the first, the band opened up for The Birthday Massacre at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club.  The venue was packed, the bands were amazing, and they contributed a superb set.  The band also got to hang out with the down to earth members of The Birthday Massacre after the show.  The second show took place after Russ lost  bet to Matt.  As a consequence, Russ had to play the show in his underwear, knee high leopard socks, and fuzzy slippers.  Talk about an eyeful!  I hope there were some photogs there to help capture the memory.



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