A Night for the Head and the Heart


Aragon Ballroom ballroom is already an incredibly memorable venue, with it’s interior architecture and twinkling ceiling, but Friday night’s stage had some extra flare added to it.  Surrounded by lush plants, the stage had a welcome, organic feel to it.  With their crisp sound and effortless beauty, it was the perfect setting for The Head and The Heart to dazzle fans.

The band’s setlist for the night focused heavily on their 2011 self-titled album, although 2016’s Signs of Light was well represented.  The band connected with fans quickly and easily, and concert-goers felt at home with their favorite band.  Packed tightly into the center for the venue, fans belted out the lyrics so loudly that, at times, it was hard to hear singer Jonathan Russell.  They went particularly wild when violinist Charity Rose Thielen sang solo during the show.  The mutual love between fans and the band members was overwhelmingly heartwarming.  What a perfect way to start the weekend!

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