The Head and The Heart @ Aragon Ballroom 10/14

Seattle indie rockers, The Head and the Heart, are playing Aragon Ballroom this upcoming Friday, and we are so excited!

The Head and the Heart have been around for about 7 years, and are touring for their newest album Signs of Light, which is a total gem.  To me, the album is like chicken noodle soup when you’re sick.  It is a much needed hug.  It is a soul-soother.  The material is the result of each band member’s individual adventures, self-exploration, and reconnection with community and service.  The album was a big step for the band.  They left their hometown label for Warner Bros., and worked with a producer who has worked with Cage the Elephant, Eric Church, and many other successful acts.  Be sure to check out the band’s hit single, “All We Ever Knew,” and get your tickets for Friday’s show here.


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