Wild Wild Horses @ Subterranean 10/7

With a band name paying tribute to a song by one of their favorite bands, the indie rockers of Wild Wild Horses will be playing Subterranean this Friday evening!

The British band, who was seen recently touring with Rooney, will be playing Chicago in support of their debut EP, Ordinary Life, which reached the top 50 on iTunes.  Although the band has only been together for a couple of years now, the guys of Wild Wild Horses are not new to the game.  Previously playing as session musicians for acts like Pearl Jam, Mumford & Sons, Adele, and Amy Winehouse, you can hear their musical prowess in their own compositions.  It appears that music was programmed into their DNA since the guys confessed that they all knew music was in their future before they even attended their first show.

Playing live shows around the country has been a colossal influence on the evolution of the band’s music.  Having time to experiment with their current songs while on tour, their songs take on a life of their own when played live and they guys are excited for old and new fans to see how they are constantly changing and adapting to their ever-changing environment.  One of the band’s favorite things about playing live is playing to new people in a new city every night, especially when they aren’t familiar with their music.  According to the band, “There’s something wicked about witnessing someone hearing your songs for the first time.”  As a non-musically talented music lover, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to play in front of strangers and see the moment when their eyes light up with wonder and excitement over something you created.  Music is a truly powerful force to be reckoned with.

For those of you who also happen to be Sia fans, Wild Wild Horses did a stripped down cover of “Chandalier” which gives the song an entirely different feel.  Be sure to check it out below!  For tickets to Friday’s show, click here.

Thanks to Wild Wild West for being such gents.  We hope you enjoy your time in Chicago!


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