The Mowgli’s Open Energy


Apart from the free Robert DeLong show that happened over a year ago, I have never seen so many people crammed into Double Door as at The Mowgli’s show last week.

The stage was decorated whimsically with red balloons and a backdrop sporting the band’s name.  img_3155All dressed in unassuming white t-shirts, the band took the stage ready to make the music the highlight of the show, and not themselves.  They played a non-stop setlist of upbeat songs, and their positivity never let down!  The optimistic spirit created by the band and their music were so infectious that even guys in the audience were singing and dancing along.  During “Love is Easy”, the lead singer & guitarist and the bassist switched instruments, and the song still sounded perfect.  I personally love it when bands do this.  Apart from showing how talented they are, it surprises fans and breaks up the show nicely.  The band played a lot of material off of Where’d Your Weekend Go?, the album that was released shortly after the Chicago show.  Despite the fact that those in attendance didn’t know the lyrics, they remained just as engaged as with the rest of the songs.  All in all, the show was high-energy and all smiles—just what we needed to make it through the rest of the work week!

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