Savoy Motel and The Dandy Warhols


Underground rock group “Savoy Motel” opened for The Dandy Warhols at Park West and without a doubt brought the crowd together with their upbeat groove and boogie rock sound.  Lead guitar/vocalist Mimi Galbierz just seemed so happy and into her performance that it definitely infected the crowd. The band is from Nashville, Tennessee and I’m glad they came out to The Windy City of to share their music to new listeners like myself!

Headlining band “The Dandy Warhols” gave it their all by bringing back old tunes as well as playing songs off their latest album “Distortland.”  The crowd was very diverse, ranging from older fans to younger teens.  Before heading out to the show I was talking to my father about The Dandy Warhols and he was jealous I was going to go see them live, so coming back from the show was fun because I was able to brag about how entertaining it was.  The band was having so much fun playing their music and they seem to have a very close friendship with one other which made their performance much more enjoyable.  Can’t wait to take my dad next time they pass by Chicago!

Review and photos by Brian Fuentes (click below for all photos)

Savoy Motel

The Dandy Warhols

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