Punk Ain’t Dead!

Last Thursday night the British punk legends, Buzzcocks, proved that punk is alive and well!  img_1481

As their 40th band anniversary, the guys set out on their Buzzcocks 40 tour and graced Chicago with their presence.  The crowd was one of the most diverse I’ve seen in a while, consisting of young and old, blatant punk fans and those looking like they came straight from work or school.  Regardless of who they were or where they came from, I had a sneaking suspicion that the people packed into The Vic Theatre were all extreme music fans.  Buzzcocks put on an energetic performance and they were great about playing hits that fans have been waiting to hear for years.  Considering some iconic bands refuse to play the songs that made their career, this was a refreshing performance filled with excitement and nostalgia.  Causing an absolute frenzy among concert-goers, Buzzcocks proved they’ve still got it!

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