Nick D’ and The Believers @ Subterranean 9/22

The fun loving indie-pop rockers will be swinging through town this Thursday in support of their brand new EP, Crown. The band has been together and evolving for over 3 years–adding new members, incorporating new instruments, and expanding their repertoire–but Nick D’ and the Believers was very close to never happening.

Apparently Nick was attending night school to become a teacher, but dropped out after seeing Dr. Dog one night with his uncle.  This wasn’t his first time seeing Dr. Dog, but the joy and enthusiasm of their live show resonated deeply with him.  Seeing the joy it brought Nick, his uncle cornered him and said, “Why aren’t you doing that?  You could if you wanted to.  What’s your excuse?”  The band was formed the next day, and the rest is history.  Shout out to Nick’s uncle!  It’s amazing what a few words of encouragement can do.

Some other fun tidbits about our future Thursday night companions:

  • If they could tour with anyone, it would be the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • Their favorite thing about touring is the way the van smells on day 1. Their least favorite?  The way the band smells on day 30.  Sorry boys!  Maybe fans can start bringing you some Fabreeze!
  • Weirdest thing to happen on stage? “One night in Cleveland (don’t you love when stories start this way?), we were taking the stage at Grog Shop.  Just before walking on stage, Nick threw back a home-brewed energy shot; his brother-in-law makes them as a hobby. This one may have been well past its expiration date because as soon as it hit the back of his throat, it hardened and solidified causing him to projectile vomit all over the side of the stage.  At this point, the band had already started the first song, so he had to stumble on stage and hack it through the set.”  Yikes, poor Nick.  That sounds like one heck of an entrance!
  • During their down time…
    • Drummer Cory is a cologne connoisseur at a high-end department store.
    • Bassist Seth is an official appreciator of the city of Cleveland, but “still waiting for his first check.”
    • Joseph (keys and guitar) runs a recording and lessons studio with his wife. He also is a sushi fanatic.  Who knows, maybe you’ll see him at Coast or Yuzu before the show!
    • Kerry (guitar) lives in LA and works as a videographer for everyone from New Kids on the Block to Nelly.
    • Nick (vocabls) makes car videos, runs songwriting workshops for high school kids, and will soon be the father to what he hopes will be an, “adorable, and sleepy, baby.”

Congratulations to you in advance, Nick!  May your baby be a dreamer in every sense of the term.  Thanks to the guys for agreeing to answer our questions and for being such wonderful humans.

Cheers, all!

If you want to get some tickets to Thursday’s show, click here.



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