LouFest Day 2 Highlights


Day 2 of LouFest featured a wide variety of gems, but here were our top 4!

img_0509 Buddy Guy:  Man, this guy is such a legend.  Not only did he grace us with his electrifying guitar playing, but we got to enjoy his wicked sense of humor too.  While the crowd originally fell short when Guy called on them to finish some lyrics, Buddy Guy casually dropped his first F-Bomb and the crowd immediately loosened  up and got on board for a wild ride.  Throughout the entire set, the crowd was hanging on his every word , interacting with the band and laughing as Buddy Guy sang songs about trying desperately to please younger women.  The musicians  playing alongside Guy were masters of their craft as well.  They made this Chicago girl proud!

img_0683Wild Belle:  Wild Belle has a very unique sound, and it translates very well in their live performances.  With a reggae-rock feel, the music transported us away from St. Louis to somewhere tropical.  Lead singer Natalie Bergman looked like a true rock star, and her and the guys gave fans a heavy hitting performance splitting set time perfectly between their 2013 album Isles, and 2016’s Dreamland.  Another Chicago band to applaud!

The Kills:  Wow.  I knew this was going to be a great live performance, but I didn’t anticipate how gripping it would be.  First off, the sheer power emanating from singer Alison Mosshart and guitarist Jamie Hince was overwhelming.  Rocked to the very core of my body, their stage presence only amplified the effect.  Hince’s piercing gaze and Mosshart’s sheer wildness drew the crowd in like a moth to the light.  About half of the band’s setlist came from their most recent release, Ash & Ice which has been getting positive reviews since its release.  Their performance was raw and captivating, and we can’t wait to see them again!

img_1140LCD Soundsystem:  Finally!  LCD Soundsystem was one of the bands I was most intrigued to see at LouFest this year.  With all of the drama around them disbanding and then starting back up, I felt lucky to have the had opportunity to see them live.  The anticipation before the set was almost palpable.  Fans were buzzing with excitement and starting cheers for the band.  From the second they got on stage, it was magical.  The lights were spectacular, the music was slamming, and all of us were excited to hear some of our old LCD favorites from James Murphy’s three currently released albums.  As a fan of disco balls, I was particularly impressed by the monstrosity of the one they brought for the stage.  LCD Soundsystem brought the festival to a euphoric close that people will remember for years to come.


For all photos from these bands and more from Day 2, click here.


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