LouFest: Day 2 Preview


As promised, here are our suggestions for Day 2 of LouFest 2016!

Sunday, September 11

Aaron Kamm & The One Drops [12:30pm @ Bud Light Stage]

Is there anything Aaron Kamm & The One Drops can’t do?  You like it, they play it!  These St. Louis natives boast a set full of blues, groove, soul, rock, and more!  AK & The One Drops is a great way to start your Sunday with some breezy jams at the Bud Light Stage.

Judah & the Lion [1:15pm @ Forest Park Stage]

Although Judah & the Lion is based in Nashville, the band members hail from all over the country and you can hear the influence geography has played in their music.  In an interview with The Emory Wheel, the band described that they “get their southern grit from Spence and Judah, their hard rock from Nate and edginess from Brian.”  The guys expertly blur the lines between genres with their incredibly unique sound.

Twin Peaks [2:00 pm @ Bud Light Stage]

As a Chicagoan, you’ve mostly likely heard of Twin Peaks before.  Our garage punk faves are making their way south for the weekend and would surely enjoy seeing some fellow Chicagoans in the crowd!  Their most recent release, Down in Heaven, continues to show their evolution as a band as they dabble with other genres and show more maturity than in previous albums.  Even with their more refined sound, I expect their live set to be just as wild as always!

Mothers [2:00pm @ Tunespeak BMI]

Again, I know I’m suggesting bands with a time conflict, but they are both worth seeing if you can swing it.  Mothers is a 4-piece band out of Athens, Georgia that originally started as the solo project of singer Kristine Leschper.  In an interview for the Santa Barbara Independent, Leschper described their debut album, When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired, as having themes of, “betrayal, self-doubt, ego death, the feeling of being trapped inside of your own body. Lyrics on the record that seem self-deprecating aren’t a pity party – it’s me calling myself out on my own bullshit. It feels good to do that.”  We all need that every now and then.  If you’re looking for a reality check, or simply some chill music you can relate to, head over to Tunespeak BMI.

Greensky Bluegrass [3:00pm @ Forest Park Stage]

I may be a city gal, but I love me some bluegrass!  Greensky Bluegrass is actually playing North Coast this weekend, so give them some love if you’re there.  Although the guys out of Kalamazoo play bluegrass, they are rockers to the core.  They jam out live and have 6 successful albums to pull from.  So what can you expect?  According to guitarist Dave Bruzza, “We play two sets of music every night with a big light show, and really care about creating a large scale production.  We want to cultivate an experience, where people can escape from their everyday lives for a minute and put their worries aside.”  We will be there!

Buddy Guy [4:00pm @ Bud Light Stage]

I mean, how can you not go see Buddy Guy?  One of the key players in the formation of the Chicago blues scene, Buddy Guy has influenced some of our favorite musicians like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and many more.  The man is a legend, so be sure not to miss him.

The Kills [6:00pm @ Bud Light Stage]

The Kills may only have two members, but damn, they can rock!  American singer Alison Mosshart (also of The Dead Weather) and British guitarist Jamie Hince recently celebrated 15 years of making music together with the release of their album Ash & Ice.  The duo really pushed themselves with this album, striving for a fresh sound that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.  For what is likely to be an charged performance, head over to the Bud Light Stage at 6:00!

Shakey Graves [7:00pm @ Shade Stage]

Austin native Alejandro Rose-Garcia, who goes by the stage name Shakey Graves, will be serving up some bluesy-folk rock and roll at the Shade Stage at 7:00.  Shakey Graves started playing all of his sets as a solo act but has slowly been bringing more musicians on tour with him.  Taking the music scene by storm, there even exists a “Shakey Graves Day” in Austin on February 9th.  To celebrate, he usually puts on some shows with other local musicians and also has a temporary a pay-what-you-want deal for his online downloads.  On a side note, if you watched Friday Night Lights, you may recognize him as Julie’s lifeguard fling, The Swede.

LCD Soundsystem [8:15pm @ Bud Light Stage]

I remember watching LCD Soundsystem’s farewell concert years ago, co17mpletely baffled why they would call it quits when they were so successful.  Needless to say, I was overjoyed when I heard the reunion rumors were true about 5 years later.  After officially announcing their return, they also said they would be releasing a new album some time in late 2016, or early 2017, making it their first new material in about 6 years.  Their tickets are usually in high demand, so consider yourselves lucky to be seeing him as part of the LouFest lineup this year!

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