Trainor Dazzles Chicago


Meghan Trainor put on an action packed show last Wednesday at Rosemont Theatre for fans of all ages.  There were outfit changes, dancing, home videos, stripped down versions of her songs, and a retro band to bring her music to life.  Encouraging fans to sing along with her, I definitely saw a few guys (not accompanying younger siblings) near the front singing “Lips Are Movin” perfectly word for word.

While the show itself was entertaining and well executed, what I enjoyed most was the message her young fans received during the show.  Meghan Trainor preaches a message of empowerment and lets youngsters know they will do just fine in this world if they stay true to themselves.  Trainor connected easily with her young fans during the show.  Before beginning “Mom” and “Dance Like Yo Daddy” Trainor asked concert goers to scream if they came to the show with their mom or dad.  Accompanied by home videos on the screen behind her, Trainor really drove home the message that family is important and a thing to be cherished.  As many of her fans approach their angsty teenage years, Trainor makes family time seem cool instead of something to dread.  She acknowledged the importance of the support of her parents and confessed that she would not be up on that stage if it weren’t for them.  Her excitement was infectious, and despite having suffered from vocal chord issues about a year ago, her voice sounded flawless.  The show entire show was high-energy, and I think that these youngsters are lucky to have such a wonderful role model.

For more photos, click here.


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