The Bayonne Experience



Late, late Friday night/early Saturday morning, those at Schubas Tavern were treated to the musical stylings of Bayonne (Roger Sellers) as part of a Pitchfork aftershow .

When his equipment was getting set up, it looked a lot to me like it was going to be a DJ set, despite the fact that he is adamant about the fact that he is not a DJ.  When Bayonne took the stage, I was curious to see how he would manage all the equipment at the same time.  I decided pretty quickly into the set that Bayonne was NOT  a DJ, but I also didn’t know where he fit on the music spectrum.  He seems to be something entirely different and new, and I had a hard time focusing on the fact that I was supposed to be taking pictures, not starting with my mouth open at what was happening on stage.  IMG_7498

Bayonne was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  The one-man show kept me captivated throughout the entire set, which seemed to go by unusually fast.  What an eccentric mind he has!  I would love to live in his head for a day to see if it works like everyone else’s.  I have a sneaky feeling that he sees in sounds and hears in colors, and that he experiences life a lot different from the rest of us.  The setlist was fluid, with one song running into another.  Sellers would occasionally stop to say something funny to the crowd, but apart from that, he was in his own world doing what he does best.  His songs are unique, his dance moves are quirky, and he has the voice of an angel.

If you missed him this time around, make sure you see him next time he’s in Chicago.  It will be quite the experience!

For more photos, click here.

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