Millennium Park Summer Music Series feat. Leyla McCalla and Rodrigo Amarante

Monday was a beautiful night, and Millennium Park featured two artists that set the mood perfectly.
First up was Leyla McCalla, a talented Haitian-American singer and multi-instrumentalist, who was accompanied by two other musicians.  Alternating between four languages, she told us the stories of all her songs and even had the crowd participate in a few.  As a personal sucker for cellos, I was in love with their sound and soulful songs.
Last for the evening was Rodrigo Amarante.  Having never listened to Brazilian music before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I soon foundIMG_6247 out that it encompassed a lot of different sounds.  Amarante switched between instruments with ease as did a few of his fellow bandmates.  Between songs, Amarante was flirty with the crowd, which was enjoyed by everyone, but especially his super fans up front who screamed loudly for him whenever possible.
For more photos, click here.

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