Melanie Martinez Delivers


St. Paddy’s Day is always a party, but this year, hundreds of Melanie Martinez super fans packed into the Vic Theatre to enjoy the night with their favorite singer.

Fans of all ages squeezed together to get closer to the stage as they anxiously awaited the arrival of Melanie.  A few concert goers at the barrier said they had arrived at the theatre at 5:00am to make sure that they were front and center when the singer took the stage.  Other fans sported brightly dyed hair, glittery makeup, and funky hair styles.

Melanie’s stage was set up to look like a baby’s room—a large crib in the center complete with a mobile, two musicians looking like teddy bears in bonnets, and large blocks that spelled out Cry Baby, the name of her debut album.  As the fog rolled out, fans started screaming and chanting Melanie’s name.  It is pretty rare to see a following be so dedicated, and their energy was infectious.  As the first notes of “Cry Baby” started, Melanie crawled out of the oversized crib, and fans went wild.  The rest of the show was an exciting blur.  The audience knew every song word for word and sang each one loudly and proudly.  Melanie put on a great show and made her fans feel appreciated and loved.  She is definitely an artist to keep an eye on!

More photos here.

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