Kevin Griffin plays the “Medieval City Winery” in Chicago


Set to the dim flickering of candlelight, Chicagoans got cozy with Kevin Griffin last Friday night at City Winery.

Griffin, along with drummer Michael Jerome, put on a two man show that had the crowd singing nostalgically all night.  Griffin and Jerome, both formerly of Better Than Ezra, played a wide array of songs not only from their own band, but from other artists.  How wide exactly?  From Rush to Howie Day kind of wide!  Despite the fact that there were only two instruments being played at any given time, they duo created a rich sound and brought old songs to IMG_1680life in exciting, new ways.  The two musicians were friendly with the crowd, took the time to talk to concert goers, and even invited one lucky gentleman on to play on stage with them.

Apart from being talented musicians, the two also brought the laughs.  At one point, Griffin explained his idea for “Medieval City Winery” in Chicago…a City Winery – Medieval Times hybrid.  They joked about the Bears’ season, and then quickly joked about how you apparently shouldn’t joke about the Bears’ season in Bears territory.  The combination of comedy and stripped down compositions from different artists made for the perfect Friday night.

For more photos, click here.  

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