The Night the Brits Stole Christmas


The British took over Aragon Ballroom Friday night as Circa Waves, The Wombats, and Bastille packed the place for the second of WKQX’s The Nights We Stole Christmas.

IMG_0850Circa Waves, the first band to play that evening, was appreciative of the fans who came out early to see them.  Although they were the newest band performing that night, I saw many fans singing along with them perfectly word for word.

In an era when many concert goers stand still as statues during shows, I was pleased to see Aragon Ballroom revert
to its original purpose when The Wombats took the stage.  The band’s energetic performance had the crowd up and dancing the duration of their set.

By the time Bastille took the stage, the excitement was almost tangible.  As singer Daniel Smith’s rang through the hall, anticipation turned to confusion since he was IMG_0860nowhere to be seen.  Excited screams turned everyone’s attention to the back of the room where Smith was standing on top of the crowd singing Flaws.  Dan made his way slowly up to the stage as fans reached out to the singer, eager
to snatch selfie with the singer.  The show went by in the bat of an eye, and everyone left sweaty and in good spirits.

For more photos, click here.

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