The Darkness descends upon Chicago


“Let the music smother me, whole weekend recovery”

Truer words have never captured the feelings of those who crammed into the House of Blues Tuesday night to see The Darkness .  The band’s dedicated fanbase is comprised of people of all ages, from the older men still in their work clothes, fresh out of the office, to the kids who looked to be in their late teens and early twenties.  The Darkness has that special something that appeals to people of all different generations—a heavy sound, howling lyrics, stage presence, and danceability.

The Darkness took the stage around 9:15pm after the surprise duo opener, In The Wale, got concert goers up and moving.  Donning short hair and a clean-shaven face, lead singer Justin Hawkins wiggled and writhed on stage as he belted out the band’s iconic tunes.  The band played a healthy mix of songs from their catalogue and was especially friendly with the crowd.  Picks were flung out, we were treated to Justin’s comedic interludes, and I’m pretty sure they sent a signed album out into the crowd at one point.  Aiming to cheer fans up during the third consecutive loss for the Cubs , Justin Hawkins put on a Cubs jersey and headband.  At the end of the show, Hawkins even jumped on the shoulders of a security guitar and tore it up on his guitar as he was paraded through the crowd.  It may have been an upsetting night in Wrigleyville, but it was all smiles at the House of Blues.

The Darkness played a relentless playlist that elated fans.  I have been to many shows, but this one was very unique.  Despite the fact that The Darkness plays some pretty heavy rock, there was no violent moshing in the House of Blues—only jumping, dancing, singing, and good vibes!

For more photos, click here.

Photos and review by Abby Walter

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