The Sheepdogs: check these dudes out!

When I first listened to the song “Downtown” by The Sheepdogs, my thought process went as follows:  “Classic rock…WHERE IS MY AIR GUITAR?!  Summer bliss.”  Just from this one song, I can already tell that these boys know how to rock, but how to also capture the bliss of a lazy, hazy summer.

The Sheepdogs released their third album, Future Nostalgia, in early October of this year and are currently making their way through the US.  This Saskatoon band has played at many festivals over the past few years, and previously opened for Kings of Leon and John Fogerty.

The band comes through Chicago on October 22nd and will be playing at Double Door.  Tickets are an absolute steal, pricing at only $15.00 each.  Get yours here!  Show starts at 7:00pm—see you there.

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