Franz Ferdinand and Sparks at The Vic

FFS, aka Halloween’s Permanent Soundtrack


Although the Vic wasn’t packed to the brim, the fans that did show up were so stoked that you could feel the excitement coming off of them. The stage lighting was dark and shadowy, but the fans knew FFS the second Alex Kapranos’s ghostly silhouette appeared on stage.  Sparks singer, Russell Mael set the tone with a black and white striped poncho that perfectly matched the Halloween-y stage lighting and music from their collaborative album. The band was insanely energetic and the crowd ate it up!  I felt like I was at a rock opera version of “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and it could not have been better timing since the Fall season has officially arrived.  A big thanks to FFS for ringing in the new season!

For more photos, click here.

Photos and review by Sara McAllister

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