Pandora/Las Vegas presents: Krewella


As a fan of rock music, I had never been to any show that was even remotely EDM-esque. Thursday night’s Krewella show, put on by Pandora/Las Vegas, was my first glimpse into the world that some of my friends rave about. Going into the experience, I expected the Yousaf sisters to be hidden behind a large turntable or to play behind a computer à la Panda Bear, but the Northbrook duo took me by surprise. Yes, the usual equipment required for electronic music was present, but they also had a live band with them. Covered in tattoos and headbanging between stanzas, the Yousaf sisters are two badass chicks! The show was high energy and they kept the crowd dancing the entire night. Their unique fusion of electronic and rock music proved to be the perfect icebreaker in the EDM world!

AIMG_4565 AIMG_4638 AIMG_4640 AIMG_4648 aIMG_4656 aIMG_4668 AIMG_4676 AIMG_4689 AIMG_4702 AIMG_4707

Photos and review by Abby Walter

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