#tbt to Spandau Ballet


Ahhh, remember last Saturday when Spandau Ballet played the House of Blues?  After a 20 year hiatus, the band originally reunited in 2009 for some large area shows, but it took them another five to make it back to the United States.  Lead singer Tony Hadley apologized on Saturday night that it had taken them so long to come back, but they were excited to be playing in Chicago again.  I spoke with some diehard fans before the show began, and some had driven from St. Louis and Milwaukee to see them perform.  Part way through the show, Hadley commented that the people in the front knew the lyrics better than he did, proving again that Spandau Ballet’s impact on this generation runs deep.   The band played for about two hours, and it was clear from the way the crowd sang along that they were there for more than Spandau Ballet’s biggest American hit, True.

During their time away from touring, the gents of Spandau Ballet made a documentary called Soul Boys of the Western World which chronicles their life as a bad and their impact on the music and fashion world.   See the trailer below or click here for more information.

For more photos from the show, click here.


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