Calling all punk and metal fans!

Newly formed supergroup, the Teenage Time Killers, features a roster unlike any other. The group consists of Dave Grohl and Pat Smear (Foo Fighters), Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Tommy Victor (Prong & Danzig), Nick Oliveri (formerly of Queens of the Stone Age), Mike “IX” Williams (Eyehategod), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Corey Smith (Slipknot & Stone Sour), Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio & Blink-182), Lee Ving (Fear), Mike Dean and Woody Weatherman (Corrosion of Conformity), Karl Agell (Leadfood & formerly Corrosion of Conformity), and more. This monster of a band announced on Tuesday that they will be releasing their album, Greatest Hits Vol. 1, on July 31st of this year. Check out their first release below!

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 track listing:

Vocals: Reed Mullin
Featuring Pat Hoed (Bass), London May (Drums)

“Crowned by the Light of the Sun”
Vocals: Neil Fallon
Featuring Jim Rota (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Hung Out to Dry” 
Vocals: Randy Blythe
Featuring Mike Schaefer (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Power Outage” 
Vocals: Clifford Dinsmore
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Ode to Hannity” 
Vocals: Jello Biafra
Featuring Mike Dean (Bass)

Vocals: Matt Skiba
Featuring Brian Baker (Guitar)

“The Dead Hand” 
Vocals: Reed Mullin
Featuring Woody Weatherman (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

Vocals: Corey Taylor
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Plank Walk” 
Vocals: Pete Stahl
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Time to Die” 
Vocals: Mike IX Williams
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar)

“Days of Degradation” 
Vocals: Tommy Victor
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

Vocals: Tairrie B. Murphy
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Big Money” 
Vocals: Lee Ving
Featuring Pat Smear (Guitar & Bass), London May (Drums)

“Devil in this House” 
Vocals: Karl Agell
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Say Goodnight to the Acolyte” 
Vocals: Phil Rind
Featuring Jason Browning (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Ignorant People” 
Vocals: Tony Foresta
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Nick Oliveri (Bass)

“Son of an Immigrant”
Vocals: Johnny Weber
Featuring Brian Baker (Guitar)

“Your Empty Soul” 
Vocals: Aaron Beam

“Bleeding to Death” 
Vocals: Vic Bondi
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

“Teenage Time Killer” 
Vocals: Trenton Rogers
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Pat Hoed (Bass)


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