Revenge of the Mekons


The ever-evolving, British punk-rock band, the Mekons, will be showing their documentary Revenge of the Mekons April 17-18 in Chicago.  The band has been active for over 35 years, and has experimented with different styles of music throughout their albums.

On April 17th, the documentary is playing at the Logan Theatre at 6:45pm as part of CIMMfest.  There will be a Q&A session with Joe Angio, the director, as well as the Mekons’ own Jon Langford and Sally Timms.  Tickets are free, but you need to make sure you submit your information here.

On April 18th, the documentary is playing at Music Box Theatre, at 11:30am.  Click here for tickets.

For more information on the documentary, click here.

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