Bloods at Schubas


Bloods, the goofy trio out of Sydney, Australia, recently made their rounds through the Midwest playing two shows in Illinois—one in Joliet and one at Schubas in Chicago.  Their loud, chick-punk was just as great as the banter that occurred between songs, which made for a fun night for concert goers.  During the Schubas gig, the band played an explosive set and promoted their cassette (for an economical $10) and their custom pizza t-shirt between songs.

Bloods have come a long way since their inception in 2011.  The talented triumvirate recently played at SXSW and is currently opening for The Preatures.  They are definitely a band to keep on your radar.  Check out Bloods below or visit their website here.

For more photos from the Schubas show, click here.

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