The Apache Relay to play sold out show at Schubas

The Apache Relay, an up-and-coming band based out of Nashville, will play a sold out show at Schubas this upcoming Friday, March 6th.

Back in 2012, I saw The Apache Relay play at the Gentlemen of the Road festival put on by Mumford & Sons in Dixon, IL in support of their 2011 album American Nomad.  They were completely new to me at the time, but there was something so incredibly mesmerizing about their sound that by the time their set was done, I had completely forgotten why I was in Dixon in the first place.  Mumford & Sons and Gogol Bordello, right?   I don’t know if it was their beautiful fusion of folk, rock, and pop, their sincere lyrics, or the beer in my hand, but I vowed to keep an eye on this band knowing that they would be big one day.  Fast forward to April of 2014 when the band released their self-titled album, The Apache Relay.  This album is such a gem!  Lead singer Michael Ford Jr.’s ethereal voice will make you feel so many things throughout the span of the album.  Some songs will make you want to lay around contemplating life’s complexities, others will have you dancing.  Regardless, there is something special about this album, and I can’t wait to hear it performed live!

The first single off of The Apache Relay:


Daytrotter Session (2014)

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