JEFF the Brotherhood in Chicago on New Year’s Eve!

YESSSSS!  Believe it, because it’s happening!

The guys of JEFF the Brotherhood are coming to Chicago for a riotous New Years Eve party like no other!  The band will be playing The Empty Bottle for just $25.00, and if you haven’t seen them live before, this would make for a great introduction.  The band recently released an EP titled “Dig the Classics” in which they cover songs by bands like Beck, Pixies, and My Bloody Valentine among others.  Combined with their already amazing catalog, a new album on the way, and the fact that this is happening in such an intimate setting, this is bound to be a night to remember.

WHAT TO EXPECT: mosh pits, stage divers, crowd surfers, die hard fans, a high energy performance of some amazingly delicious heavy rock, and some nice dudes from Nashville who are down to party.  If you are someone who is opposed to possibly getting kicked in the head or having ringing ears for a couple days, maybe think twice on this.

JEFF will be joined by Juiceboxxx, The Lemons, and Rabble Rabble.  For ticket and show information, click here.

Yeaaaah, JEFF the Brotherhood!


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