Smith Westerns Christmas Eve Eve farewell concert!


Chicago band Smith Westerns says “ta ta for now,” as they schedule one of their final shows for their hometown crowd.  Set for December 23rd at Lincoln Hall (first batch of tickets sold for Schubas will still be honored), it is said to be their last show before their indefinite hiatus.  Although guitarist Max Kakacek will not be present for their final hoorah, the Omori brothers said they will still be playing songs from all three of their records as well as a few songs from Cullen Omori’s solo project.

Personally, I was very shocked when I saw this announcement.  I first got into their music when they were opening for MGMT, and I have enjoyed seeing them evolve since their first album.  Smith Westerns manages to create a unique sound many bands aspire to achieve.  Thank you for the great music, guys!

To snatch up some of the last tickets, click here.  The show starts at 7:00pm and is open to fans of all ages.  Come out for a bittersweet night of great music and bid adieu to one of our favorite Chicago bands!

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