Riotfest Preview: The Flaming Lips


Looking for an unforgettable concert experience?  Make sure you check out The Flaming Lips on Saturday of Riotfest  (September 13th) in Humboldt Park!

For those of you who have yet to experience the glory of a Lips concert, prepare yourselves for a multisensory, mind-blowing show.  I have seen The Flaming Lips three times, and each was an incredibly different experience.  When I first saw them in 2011, I was in complete awe at how creative the band was with their special effects and props.  As was tradition, lead singer Wayne Coyne entered the stage in a huge bubble (picture a man-sized hamster ball) and walked out over fans that were desperate to take part in this epic moment.  There was confetti, streamers, strobe lights, colorful balloons, guys and girls dressed in wild costumes, a ribbon dancer, smoke machines, and more.  I was hooked!

I saw them again at the Aragon Ballroom in 2011 when their performed their 9th album, The Soft Bulletin in its entirety.  Prior to beginning the show, Wayne apologized in advance saying, “Sorry if we fuck up…we don’t do this that often.”  They performed beautifully and had even upped their game in the special effects department.  The crowd received the story behind The Spiderbite Song, which was written about the bands own Steven Drozd and his encounter with a nasty spider.  For their encore, the band performed some of their hit songs as well as covers of Brain Damage & Eclipse by Pink Floyd.

I saw the band a third time at Forecastle Festival in Louisville in 2013.  Having recently released their newest album, The Terror, this show presented a darker side of the band.  Gone was the hamster ball, gone was the confetti and balloons, and gone were the bright colors.  Instead, the band dressed in metallics and the stage had a completely new look.  The band played some oldies, a cover of DEVO’s Gates of Steel, as well as their new material which powerfully pulsed through the crowd.  All in all, this show was less whimsical and more sinister than the previous two, but still stayed true to The Flaming Lips’ style.

In short, what you can expect is powerful music, eccentric stage props, and for Wayne to foster a sense of community among the concert goers.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.  Get your tickets to Riotfest HERE!

AIMG_0319 AIMG_0322 AIMG_0356

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