The Boys R Back In Town: JEFF the Brotherhood @ Wicker Park Fest


As one of my favorite bands to see live, I was super stoked when JEFF the Brotherhood announced they would be playing for two nights in Chicago.  Saturday night the band played at Double Door, and last night the boys played the headlining slot at Wicker Park Fest and gave Chicagoans a riotous hour of heavy music!

JEFF the Brotherhood is a Nashville band created by brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall.  With their powerful guitar riffs, pounding drums, and playful lyrics, it’s hard not to immediately love these guys.  While the band generally used to play as a duo with a fog machine, they have recently been accompanied on stage to give even more depth to their sound.

Although it had started raining about 5 minutes prior to the start of the show, JEFF’s dedicated Chicago fan base was not deterred and actually welcomed the downpour!  Considering last year’s Do Division appearance by the band led to near riots and an almost stage collapse, the band changed up their game this year.  Singer and guitarist Jake Orrall explained that they could only play for an hour due to Chicago’s sound ordinance.  Although the crowd was bummed to hear the gig would be short, everyone understood the band’s desire not to cause the fest to be fined.  What followed was 50 minutes of intense, ear-splitting garage rock!  Apart from playing their usual hits with extended jam bits, the band played Hey Friend, a song about being infatuated a friend’s mom, dad, and sister.  The band also played 3 new songs for their fans who had created a nice sized mosh pit front and center.

JEFF the Brotherhood is set to release a new covers EP called Dig the Classics on September 30th of this year.   The EP will contain JEFF’ified versions of songs from bands like The Pixies, The Wipers, My Bloody Valentine, Colleen Green, Teenage Fanclub, and Beck.  You can pre-order your very own copy on August 19th at  Mark your calendars, everyone!



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