BAND SPOTLIGHT: Darkstone Crows


Darkstone Crows of Toronto was formed in January of 2014 by Jiv and Elle who met through a program at music school.  Although the pair had undergone a rigorous process of lineup switches in their first year, their current lineup was solidified by the end of February 2015.  The members of Darkstone Crows recorded an EP in the fall of 2015 and toured heavily through the following Fall.  After one lineup switch, they embarked on their second album in which they are trying to create a fresh new sound.  The band’s current production is a lot heavier than their earlier works, which was more simple hard rock.  They have started adding more layers to their compositions and become more melodic.

Out of all the shows they’ve played,two shows really stick out in their mind.  In the first, the band opened up for The Birthday Massacre at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club.  The venue was packed, the bands were amazing, and they contributed a superb set.  The band also got to hang out with the down to earth members of The Birthday Massacre after the show.  The second show took place after Russ lost  bet to Matt.  As a consequence, Russ had to play the show in his underwear, knee high leopard socks, and fuzzy slippers.  Talk about an eyeful!  I hope there were some photogs there to help capture the memory.



Aldous Harding @ Metro 10/21

Aldous Harding will be opening for Deerhunter this Friday at Metro, and this is her first US tour ever!

While performing on the festival circuit, the kiwi grabbed the attention of a wide range of hot shots in the music industry who have been seeking an opportunity to work with her.  Her sound is reminiscent of 60s-era folk singers like Linda Perhacs or Vashti Bunyan but with a unique twist.

Check out her lead single “Stop Your Tears” and get your tickets to Friday’s show here!

A Night for the Head and the Heart


Aragon Ballroom ballroom is already an incredibly memorable venue, with it’s interior architecture and twinkling ceiling, but Friday night’s stage had some extra flare added to it.  Surrounded by lush plants, the stage had a welcome, organic feel to it.  With their crisp sound and effortless beauty, it was the perfect setting for The Head and The Heart to dazzle fans.

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Mick Jenkins & Smino @ Thalia Hall 10/20

Chicago rapper, Mick Jenkins, will be playing Thalia Hall this upcoming Thursday as part of Red Bull Sound Select Presents: A Quest for Love Tour with Mick Jenkins @ Smino.  Chicago is pretty to have these two exciting artist play our city, given that this show is one of the only twelve occurring in the US.
Mick Jenkins is known for his pensive lyrics, organic live instrumentation, and beautifully crafted rhymes.  Meanwhile, Smino, another Chicago-based rapper, has been getting attention for his work with his Zero Fatigue crew.  If you’re ready for the next big things from Chicago, get your tickets here!

The Head and The Heart @ Aragon Ballroom 10/14

Seattle indie rockers, The Head and the Heart, are playing Aragon Ballroom this upcoming Friday, and we are so excited!

The Head and the Heart have been around for about 7 years, and are touring for their newest album Signs of Light, which is a total gem.  To me, the album is like chicken noodle soup when you’re sick.  It is a much needed hug.  It is a soul-soother.  The material is the result of each band member’s individual adventures, self-exploration, and reconnection with community and service.  The album was a big step for the band.  They left their hometown label for Warner Bros., and worked with a producer who has worked with Cage the Elephant, Eric Church, and many other successful acts.  Be sure to check out the band’s hit single, “All We Ever Knew,” and get your tickets for Friday’s show here.


It’s a Good Life with KONGOS


Not going to lie, I was in a pretty awful mood when I set out for the KONGOS show last week.  My family had just put one of our dogs to sleep, and part of me wanted to curl up in my bed and call it a night.  I instead dusted myself off and headed for The Vic because if anything was going to make me feel better that night, it was music.

I had never seen KONGOS live before, but the layering of their music was all encompassing and rich.  To me, the addition of the accordion is such a game changer.  Considering very few bands use an accordion in their albums, this immediately makes their sound unique and memorable.  The drums added a tribal feeling, and the brothers’ chorus of voices along with using a slide on the guitar gave the performance a very raw feel.  The guys put their own funky spin on one of my favorite Beatles songs, “Get Back,” which was a complete treat.  The fans ate everything up during the show, and their singing almost drown out that of the band a few times.

This concert was exactly what I needed that night.  Thank you, KONGOS!